"A Chi Omega Loves You" Children's Book

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A book for every future Chi Omega!

For babies, tots, and tweens,
Even high school grads and such,
Make sure your favorite young lady knows,
That a Chi O loves her oh so much!

About the author:

Whitney Plumpton believes it's never too early to start talking to future Chi Omegas about sororities and recruitment. In fact, she believes the sooner the better -- which is exactly why she wrote this book.

While she firmly believes this book is a great present for a Chi Omega legacy, it’s important to make sure it’s also gifted to Kappa, Theta, Pi Phi, and TriDelt legacies, too. And of course, it's best read to all future Chi Omegas nightly.

Whitney is a very proud initiate of the Epsilon Alpha Chapter of Chi Omega at the University of Oklahoma.


Despite her propensity to be found at the Chi O house instead of in class, she managed to graduate from OU with honors and went on to earn her Masters in Public Relations from Boston University. After working for several years in New York City, Whitney was hired as the Chief Marketing Officer at the Chi Omega Executive Headquarters and served in that role for a decade.


She lives in Memphis with her husband, Brendon, a graduate of the University of Mississippi and a member of Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity. They have two beautiful, mischievous legacies, Katherine and Lauren.